What My Clients Says

Natalie pushes me just enough. I wouldn't work this hard if she wasn't constantly pushing me especially when I wanted to give up!

- Kerry

Natalie has been fab, I have not felt as fit in years, I recently sprained my ankle and could not go to her for 5 weeks. I have just started back and was amazed as she was more knowledgeable about the sprain and foot anatomy than my own doctor. I have complete confidence in Natalie’s ability to help me get me to where I want to be.


I have many injuries & was worried about exercising again for the 1st time in years, but Natalie made me see that anything is possible, she shows she has the knowledge that gives me confidence to believe in her!

- Martin

I didn't think it would work training with a female trainer, as I am a big bloke training for muscle gain and strength training, but Natalie definitely proves she has the knowledge.

- Dave

I trained with Natalie at a point in when I was struggling with injuries, illness and stress and Natalie really took her time with me. Her ability to empathise and tailor your programme for you is awesome. All I would say is if you want to get fitter, lose weight and see your progress in a private one to one setting give Natalie a try she will be there for you all the way through and out the other side.

- Nicola

As a fellow trainer I'd highly recommend Natalie to any of my class clients that require a more personal environment, from a complete novice to seasoned professional Natalie will help turn your dreams into reality one step at a time and guide you to where you want to be.

- Jim

Natalie was very patient with me - she was very helpful as I needed nutritional advice and training sessions and tips to benefit my needs.

- Hayley

I had lost weight, and was ready for the next step.. Natalie made me feel at ease, and normal... She was always there to offer advice, or just to listen.. The results were amazing with my strength, and confidence growing each week. I have since moved onto a class type training group and can honestly say my form and posture has been commented on thanks to what she has shown me... I would highly recommend.


Natalie is a fantastic trainer who actually cares about you getting the results you want. She is very supportive and goes above and beyond to help you get the right diet and exercise programme that seems made for you. I have achieved results I never thought I could achieve after giving up on myself. I now enjoy exercise again thanks to Natalie. Highly recommended indeed!